Soteria Prophetic Ministries

Apostolic and Prophetic Teachings that are centered in Christ and are targeted towards impacting, improving, and uplifting the total man: body, soul, and spirit.

Meet Delisa

Delisa Rodgers-Fields, an apostle and prophet, was raised, from the tender age of eight years old, in the Pentecostal Holiness Church under her father, Apostle Thomas L. Rodgers, Sr. Tendering her resignation after eleven years of serving as Co-Chairman of the Board, Treasurer, and Senior Administrator, she launched out in obedience to found Faith Tabernacle Church of Deliverance (2004),  True Love Church of Refuge (2005), and most recently, The Love Church Charlotte (2017), all located in Charlotte, NC. “TLC” is one of Charlotte’s authentic apostolic and prophetic training centers where ministers of all walks of life come to receive training, deliverance, healing, and restoration.

Delisa is a tireless laborer in the Body of Christ, having served eleven consecutive years before planting her first church more than fourteen years ago. She wears many hats including serving as the president and senior instructor of The Love Church Apostolic College (2009), founder of PDL Ministries (2013), President of It’s All About Him Media & Publishing (2012), CEO of the T-Shirt Company of Charlotte (2012), and Senior Mentor in her Prophetic Mentoring and Counseling Group (2015). Apostle Delisa is a prolific teacher and shepherd after God’s own heart. She is a passionate prophet with a mandate to turn the hearts of the children to the Father and an apostle who equips, trains and thrusts thousands of believers to their next level of greatness in God.


Additionally, Delisa’s scribal grace fuels her passion for writing. An author of eleven published books and appearing as a contributing writer in several Christian magazines and websites, she acts as a scribal midwife who has assisted many writers in publishing their literary works.  

Delisa has traveled extensively overseas (Yorkshire, England, and Amsterdam, Netherlands) and throughout the United States, preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. She is a spiritual mother and mentor to many with a genuine heart to see God's people delivered from demonic oppression, freed from generational curses, liberated from religion and tradition, and exonerated from the chains of guilt and condemnation stemming from past mistakes. Serving in ministry with accountability and integrity, Delisa is humbly submitted to the 'General' of Deliverance, Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins of Pilgrim's Ministry of Deliverance in Harbeson, Delaware since 2010 and is mentored by Apostles Theadford and Ernestine Brinkley, Deliverance Tabernacle of Praise, Rocky Mount, NC, since 2012.

Professionally, Delisa is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor, a lifetime member of the Christian Counselor Association, and a certified Prison Chaplain. She received extensive training in Non-Profit Accounting from Chitwood and Chitwood, Early Childhood Development/Teacher Education at Benedict College, Columbia, SC, holds an Associate’s of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor’s, and a Master's in Theology from Tripp Bible Institute. Delisa is currently pursuing her doctorate in divinity while completing her senior year in Human Services at Queens University of Charlotte.

Professionally, Delisa is gainfully employed with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as a District Behavior Modification Technician. In her role as Site BMT, she teaches Social Emotional Learning, facilitates group restorative practices, advocates for at-risk students across the district, and acts as a liaison between students and their families, schools, and the community.

On a personal level, Delisa is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Elder Clyde Fields, with whom she has birthed and raised their five children, all prophets, and who are all devoted co-laborers in the ministry.