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Apostolic and Prophetic Teachings that are centered in Christ and are targeted towards impacting, improving, and uplifting the total man: body, soul, and spirit.

Spirits Attached to Bitterness and How to Identify Hidden Bitterness

February 18th, 2021

My church members ask such great questions so as a result, I have been expounding on their answers by using short video clips. This message is a mini-lesson on Bitterness drawn from the life of Naomi. I pray it blesses you!

Journey to Samaria

November 17th, 2020

Taken from John 4:4, where Jesus indicated a need to travel through Samaria, this talk examines our own Samaritan journeys. What does God expect from us when His people have emotional or spiritual needs? How does God refresh us when we pour out from a dry place? Listen and hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you about your Journey to Samaria.

The Revelation Behind Endings

November 13th, 2020

This message continues a previous podcast where I talked about the end of a season. I share a personal testimony of a word I received from the Lord about an 'ended' season and what steps I took next to prepare for a new beginning. If this is where you are, you will want to listen closely. 

Maneuvering Stormy Seasons

November 12th, 2020

As the east coast face widespread flooding stemming from hurricanes and other storm systems, the Lord gave me a word about He prepares and equips His own to navigate through these seasons. Isaiah 43:2 is my principal verse of thought. I pray this message blesses you.

The Struggle in Moving Forward

November 10th, 2020

Today marks the fifth year of my mother's departure. In my morning devotions, the Father ministered to me about why we struggle moving forward and how to facilitate sustainable movement even after a crisis. Listen and be blessed. 

The Culture of Kings

October 24th, 2020

This message will eventually become the foundation for a course in our apostolic college, but understanding the culture of kings is essential to living the abundant lives that Jesus destined for us. Listen to this message in its entirety and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to your heart. I begin in Genesis 1:26 and the Holy Spirit takes it from there.

My Season Is Up

October 22nd, 2020

How many of us have declared, "My season is up?" How many of us have determined that on some of those occasions, we moved prematurely based upon our feelings and emotions and NOT the authentic word of the Lord? This message explores 1 Kings 17 concerning Elijah and Brook Cherith. Can you see yourself in this passage?

Addressing Poverty, Hardship, and Lack

October 21st, 2020

If you have heard the term, "I am saving this for a rainy day," you will want to hear this message. Taken from a widow in crisis, this message confronts manifestations of poverty, hardship, and lack almost unapologetically and provides insight for how to break free.

Ask the Right Questions

October 20th, 2020

Disclaimer: The quality of this recording is not the best but the message is rich. Coming from Joshua 5:13, I talk about the question Joshua asked the man with the drawn sword. Was that the right question? Why did he ask 'that' question? Be blessed.

Transition to Position: My Church Anniversary Message

October 17th, 2020

Leaders, you will be blessed by this message that talks about the shades and seasons a ministry goes through over the years. Celebrate what God has done, but remain open to what He has yet to do.

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